* It can get cold in Letenka at night, even in summer. Bring some warm clothes.

* In the summer the sun can get intense during the day. Bring a sun cream.

ENA* Fruska Gora is a tame mountain. Still, be careful not to hurt yourself.

* Food easily spoils in the heat. When you buy food for the camp, make sure you get the kind that sits on racks in the supermarkets, at room temperature, instead of the one from refrigerators.

* Everyone in the camp is your friend. Still, take care of your belongings.

* Don’t touch telescopes or other instruments without previous permission from the owner even if you see them laying around in the field.

* Camp area has been treated for pests. If you leave the area, be aware of the dangers of ticks and other bugs and insects. If you get a tick, report to the organizer so we can provide you with transportation to a medical facility.

* You mustn’t look at the sun except through a special filter!

* Bring a flash memory; you might want to save a file.

* Bring an extension cord (we are always low on them) because you might want to recharge you phone, laptop, camera… batteries.

* Don’t forget to bring batteries and chargers for cameras, phones…

* Once you reach Letenka, think about if there is a friend or a relative who you need to contact and let them know you’ve arrived safely.

* Phone and internet signals on Letenka are weak. Text messages are the most reliable means of communication.

* Bear in mind that Fruska Gora is a national park. Try to keep it as such by not spoiling and destroying nature.

* Read through our website for previous camper experiences and other articles. Maybe they will benefit you.

* For everything else, ask – via e-mail, or directly the organizers when in-camp.


AK LETENKA - about astronomy camp



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