- Letenka is located in the national park of Fruska Gora, and camp participants are expected to uphold the environmental regulations.

- All camp guests must report their presence to the organizer who will issue them an ID card as verification of belonging to the camp.

- Fire can be lit only in designated areas according to the rules of the national park. If you need fire, speak with one of the organizers.

- You are not supposed to touch other people’s instruments and other equipment without permission.

- The camp has private security. Still, it is your duty to look after your own belongings. The organizer can’t accept responsibility for lost or stolen items.

- Noise is prohibited after 10PM.

- From midnight until morning there mustn’t be any loud conversations within the sleeping (tent) area, so that all participants get good rest.

- When setting up your tent, bear in mind that you need to leave enough room for other participants’ tents as well.

Alcohol and other intoxicants are forbidden inside the camp!

- During the night the use of flashes, laser pointers and other strong lights is prohibited. Laser pointers can damage sight when pointed directly at the eyes, so only lecturers are allowed to use them.

- LOOKING AT THE SUN CAN PERMANENTLY DAMAGE YOUR VISION. You can observe the sun only through instruments with special filters which are intended for this function.

- Pets are not allowed in camp. The only exception is Djole (owned by Janko Mravik), since this particular dog is the camp mascot.

- All camp participants are expected to behave in a well-intentioned and friendly manner.

Translated by Miroslav Šolti


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