• When does the Letenka 2012 camp take place?

The camp starts on Thursday, July 19 2012 and ends on Sunday, July 22 2012.

• Who is the camp for?

For all those who want to find out something from the world of astronomy and similar sciences, and for those who want to share their knowledge and astronomical, observation and other similar experience with others. Regardless of age or formal education.

 I am a beginner, I know nothing about astronomy. Can I still come?

Sure! No pre-knowledge is necessary (though it is nicer if you have it).

 I have no telescope, can I come?


• How do I apply?

First just confirm your arrival via e-mail and whether you need transportation from Novi Sad to Letenka. If you are coming with a group, let us know how many of you will be attending.

Formal sign-in happens at the camp entrance. Here you will have your picture taken, receive your ID card and all the necessary information.

Foreign citizens need to submit their passport in order for us to perform the Registration of Foreign Nationals to which we are obliged by law.

• What’s the program like?

Camp Program is a diverse one, and consists of a series of lectures, workshops, demonstrations, presentations, panels, etc. Even though there are lectures for experts, the majority of lectures are of a popular nature, understandable to all with basic high-school knowledge. Besides, the topics are always interesting and current. Some programs are competitive in nature (competition in discovering celestial objects, astronomy quiz, etc.).

Depending on the number of elementary-school aged students, a special program will be provided for them.

Browse for the more detailed article regarding the specifics of this year’s camp.

 How do I get to camp?

If you are coming by car, use this map to come to Letenka.

• Will there be organized transport?

Probably from Novi Sad to Lepenka and back. This depends on the number of people who need such transportation. Let us know about your transportation needs.

 What do I need to bring to camp?

Tent and food. Also, bring warm clothes (despite it being summer, nights in Letenka can get really cold). Also bring some sun lotion, and anything else you might need. Be sure to read the advice.

 Is there a shop in camp?

There is a small, meagerly supplied cantina (ice-cream, juices…). About 10 kilometers from Letenka, there is a village with a large store. Every day someone drives there.

• So, how much does it all cost?

The camp is expensive, and some expenses must be covered by the guests. Participation is 600 dinars (or 6 eurs) total. 

Bus from Novi Sad to Letenka (should it be organized) will cost about 150 dinars per person (depending on the number of passengers).

Bus from Letenka to Novi Sad (should it be organized) will cost around 100 dinars per person (depending on the number of passengers).

(if we manage to secure free transportation, we will not charge for it)

• What will I be able to buy in camp?

Books (popular science, SF, etc), posters, astronomy equipment… A mobile bookstore will be open in camp, selling select science and science fiction titles.

Translated by Miroslav Šolti



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