Dear all!

I send the photos of the Total Lunar Eclipse from June 15.

It was observated by the members of a amateur astronomers mini-club in Olkusz (Poland): Arkadiusz Dudek, Andrzej and Renata Karon, Tadeusz Sliwinski. The coordinates of the place of observation are: 50°16'48.6''N 19°32'50.6''E

I will mention again, that probably Olkusz was one of the few places in Poland, where the weather allowed the observation of the eclipse... That day forecast maps on the web was visible over the Atlantic, a huge "Low-pressure area", which is not encouraged to try to follow the observations.

Well, that did not we have given up...

Although to 10:00pm at local time, the sky was heavily overcast, thankfully it soon began to improve weather and our eyes appeared "wildly red" moon in total eclipse phase, in the constellation Ophiuchus. One could even see a few degrees from the eclipsed moon, a few brighter stars: the left of the Moon was 55Oph, and to the right 51, 44 and Theta Oph.

We observed the phenomenon through: naked eyes, binoculars and telescope Newton 150/900 (eyepiece 80×), and I photographed the Moon, using a Sony A55 camera on a tripod, first by a 135 mm lens, then through the lens of 500 mm (reflex).

Observations of both visual and photography, this extraordinary phenomenon, gave us many unforgettable experiences and satisfaction. More importantly, we are pleased that the data we were to see them, because even though the next total lunar eclipse will be in December 10 (it will then be at the "horns" of Taurus constellation), in Eastern Europe will see no "in all its glory". We also know that in December are even less chance of good weather.

On another "red moon", we'll have to wait here until September 28, 2015!

 click on photos TotalLunarEclipse_JUNE_2011-1
TotalLunarEclipse_JUNE_2011-2 TotalLunarEclipse_JUNE_2011-3
TotalLunarEclipse_JUNE_2011-4 TotalLunarEclipse_JUNE_2011-5
TotalLunarEclipse_JUNE_2011-6 TotalLunarEclipse_JUNE_2011-7
TotalLunarEclipse_JUNE_2011-8 TotalLunarEclipse_JUNE_2011-9
TotalLunarEclipse_JUNE_2011-10 TotalLunarEclipse_JUNE_2011-11
TotalLunarEclipse_JUNE_2011-12 TotalLunarEclipse_JUNE_2011-13
TotalLunarEclipse_JUNE_2011-14 TotalLunarEclipse_JUNE_2011-15

Yours Sincerely,
Andrzej Karon

Author: Andržej Karon

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